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Ex Nihilo is a 10man raiding guild on Garrosh dedicated to enjoying end game content in a friendly atmosphere.
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mercykill, Jan 10, 14 12:52 PM.
The Horde is free from the tyrannical rule of Garrosh Hellscream. The former warchief is now in the custody of the Shado-Pan, and the Horde is now under the guidance of a new, more benevolent warchief. It took a while trying to coordinate around schedules and holidays, but Ex Nihilo showed Garrosh why you should never play with Old gods. We've made a habit of destroying those guys. Onward to heroics!

That...Can't Be Good...

mercykill, Nov 1, 13 8:30 AM.
We found the chest containing the heart of Y'Sharraj! One problem: it was empty and surrounded by annoying bugs. We swatted the bugs, but there's only one person left in this dungeon, and he must have the heart. Thirteen bosses have fallen to our might, and Garrosh is going to need more than the power of an old god to stop us from pounding him into submission.

Been Training Years For This...

mercykill, Nov 1, 13 8:25 AM.
I had no idea the days I spent with a controller in my hand due to a broken arm would be so well spent. All the days of preparation, forcing a plumber to jump into pipes. All for this moment. Mario and Luigi have nothing on us. We jumped into pipes, destroyed a bunch of gadgets, all to get one step closer to our "princess," smacking Garrosh in his big ugly face.

Jurassic Park is Frightening in the Dark

mercykill, Oct 25, 13 8:03 PM.
Just as Weird Al prophesied back in the early 90's, all the dinosaurs were running wild in Orgrimmar. And by all the dinosaurs, we of course mean one dinosaur. We had a good chuckle watching him eat his jailers, but not as much so watching him eat Waterspeaker Gorai and others. Therefore, we elected to do what we do best. Orgrimmar is a dino free zone, and it might be a bug free zone in the near future.

Free Loot!

mercykill, Oct 4, 13 1:08 AM.
We got excited with lots of crates just laying around in the warehouse. Unfortunately, there were any number of pinchy, stabby, shocky, and poisony things waiting in the crates. Gonna be harder to wipe out Azeroth without his storehouse full of nasties, so we've got that going for us, which is nice.


mercykill, Oct 4, 13 1:02 AM.
Malkorok's blood rage took a lot of energy outta the lil' guy. So after he got all tuckered out, we put him down for his nap. Good job all around on a quick kill.


mercykill, Oct 4, 13 12:57 AM.
We learned together. We saved countless Horde lives throughout the Cataclysm and Pandaria. Suddenly, the madness of Garrosh put us at odds. A raid looking to end the bloodshed  of Garrosh vs. a warrior loyal to his Warchief no matter the circumstances. It had to come to this, and to end the tyranny, it HAD to end this way. Nazgrim is down, and we took a knee in quiet contemplation of what the Horde had lost.

My Shaman Can Beat Up Your Honor Student

mercykill, Sep 28, 13 11:44 PM.
Garrosh had two shamans hanging out by his old throne. They had twisted and warped the elements to do their evil bidding. Unfortunately for them, Ex Nihilo also has two shamans. While Totemlybuff cleansed away their toxic smoke, the other shaman showed them how to bring the pain. Four shaman met in the center of Orgrimmar, and our two shamans strode on to continue the search for the "Warchief."

Jugger-Not Quite

mercykill, Sep 25, 13 12:52 AM.
I wanted to make so many puns about the comic book villain Juggernaut. It seemed appropriate for a boss with the ability to plow through walls with a sawblade, laser beam, or drill. If only this boss wasn't a colossal disappointment. It took us all of one attempt to add this guy to our list of conquests, and to seize the gates of Orgrimmar. Time to head inside and see what Garrosh has up his sleeve to stop us!

Aw, I Wanted That Mount!

mercykill, Sep 25, 13 12:47 AM.
Galakras is a pretty sweet mount. We were kinda jealous that Zaela had one while we didn't. To make matters worse, she's trying to kill us. So we returned the favor by killing her mount. One of these days, that mount will be ours! For now, here's us on our mounts next to her fallen one.

We're So Awesome!

mercykill, Sep 17, 13 4:44 PM.
Week one raiding came to an end with Ex Nihilo conquering the seventh Sha, the Sha of Pride. Even though we beat him, there's still plenty of pride to go around. Pride in downing 4/14, pride in heading to Orgrimmar to slay the "Warchief." He's just inside that portal, and a proud group of Horde members is coming for him.

Squeaky Clean

mercykill, Sep 17, 13 4:39 PM.
Norushen didn't seem to be to happy with how corrupted we all were, and he had designs on burning away the corruption. That sounded like it hurt, so we looked within ourselves and beat our own corruption. One less corruption in the Vale, one step closer to Orgrimmar.

Rest In Peace

mercykill, Sep 17, 13 4:35 PM.
With the Vale of Eternal Blossoms missing its eternal blossoms, as well as many of its former protectors, somebody has to pick up the slack. Who better than Ex Nihilo? We granted relief to the Protectors as but one step in our quest to fix the things our arrival screwed up.

For Sale: Throne Room. Must Like Thunder

mercykill, Jul 20, 13 11:42 PM.
Also, you should probably be okay with the previous occupant and his pets being wiped out by Ex Nihilo! This post is late, but it took me a while to get a picture since they killed Lei Shen for a month without me, but we're on to heroics in the weeks ahead, since we got this lovely screenshot. Gearing up with some heroic gear and waiting for the release of 5.4!


mercykill, May 24, 13 12:42 AM.
Our circuits were activated, and we short-circuited Dark Animus this week, thanks to Kortanna getting the job of offtank while Thumos was out of town. If you're wondering what happened to the screenshot of Primordius that should be below this one, well, I wasn't there when they downed him the first time. Either way, with those two done, we're now 9/12 and that means we're almost to Lei Shen himself. His Throne of Thunder isn't nearly as inhabited as it used to be...oh well.

I Spy With My Little Eye...

mercykill, May 10, 13 9:34 AM.
Something that is dead. Kinda hard to get practice at the whole Durumu fight, but we made steady progress getting each section down, with a kill on our last attempt Thursday night. Everyone brought their 'A' game: tanks swapping and helping soak life drain, DPS bringing down the baddie, and healers dealing with all sorts of chaos. Time to get a little bloody with Primordius!

Bird is the Word

mercykill, Apr 30, 13 5:57 PM.
Well, dead bird. Everyone had some free time for a Monday raid, and we downed Ji-Kun in about 45 minutes. Took a few minutes for the nest groups to get down the movements, and we were golden. Therefore, we are halfway home in normal Throne of Thunder content. Who knows what we'll do next week?

Megaera's Mega Headache

mercykill, Apr 26, 13 3:16 PM.
That would be us. Big props to the healers. They got the fun job of having to deal with rampage/fire damage/poison bombs, and they brought us through relatively unscathed. Another good week of raiding (and welcoming new member Alma) brought us to 5/12 in Throne of Thunder, and it gave Kay about 2398580 pieces of Thunderforged gear. Seriously, share the wealth! ;)

Slow and Steady Kills the Turtle

mercykill, Apr 19, 13 4:40 PM.
I think that was the moral of the fable. I forget. Tortos gave it his all, but he came up a hare short against Ex Nihilo. Consistent progress brought down the turtle, gave us a screenshot, and the opportunity to move on and play with a hydra. Hopefully get a screenshot of that next week.

Council Adjourned

mercykill, Apr 12, 13 1:06 PM.
Took two pokes at this fight on Tuesday, looked at a few strats to make sure we had it right, and came back on Thursday for two more attempts, and one dead council. Hopefully we won't be seeing much more of Gara'jal. You'd think he'd learn we're just better than him by now. Oh well. The council despawned before we could get a picture, so here's a lovely picture of us standing in the empty space where their bodies fell.
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